Dates #12 and #13: The Psychotherapist from Seoul, and Mr. Multilingual


Is it disappointing that I dropped the ball on the psychotherapist?

I was thinking that he would see right through me. I was afraid of that.

I was also thinking that I wasn’t hopeful enough about this date to merit talking about it.  By chance I was able to schedule another date for the day after that I was more excited about after I had already agreed to date the psychotherapist.  With all my experience of being on the receiving end of fickle, I can’t feel guilty about this.

He was 43, this was the first man in my experiment with ‘dating over 40.’  He looked a little like someone I had dated before, but I had a feeling that on meeting I probably wouldn’t be attracted to him, and I wasn’t. Where have all the hot 40 year olds gone?  They’re married you idiot!  I’ll  make sure to tell you when I find one.

So on to Mr. Multilingual, there’s an interesting story to tell here.  I’m still trying to digest him!

Date #13, Mr. Multilingual, The Predate Vlog

The Unconventional Woman can’t get a question in edgewise because Mr. Multilingual is so busy trying to figure her out, but the style of interrogation is enough to make her want to meet up.

Post First Impressions

The Unconventional Woman has landed in a Jazz bar, and she seems pretty angry about something.

The Post Date Denouement

The Unconventional Woman reflects that she might have been too harsh in the Mid date vlog. She reveals mr. Multilingual’s very exciting profession, and why she might confuse ‘sparring’ for flirtation

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