Character List

Sometimes I feel like dating is simply a process of becoming a master of social entropy..

Characters are those people who stayed around long enough to make a significant impact on my emotional landscape…

For better or for worse…


Heartbreak number #1

Works for a leading national newspaper in the UK

I promise I’ll finish my book before he finishes his

Self proclaimed feminist, socialist

Always speaks from the moral high ground, acts on the moral low ground, just like the government.

Now 35, Now fucking a 19 year old, do the perversion math

The Week of Precarity, Is the Unconventional Woman becoming the Short Term Dating Girl?, The Heteronormative Garden PartyCherry Picking, Nightmare(Male Privilege)


Heartbreak #2

Start up, Business School Prof, Wants to make romantic comedies

Jungian provocateur, our friendship is productive in word counts

Sometimes advocate, sometimes sadist

He always confesses his sins, but he never changes his ways

The Week of Precarity, Is the Unconventional Woman becoming the Short Term Dating Girl?, Cherry Picking, The Heteronormative Garden PartyNightmare (Male Privilege), Date #14: Rigor Mortis


The Irish Banker

He hates that terminology!  He wants to do stand up, like Louis Ck

Speaks from the moral low ground, acts on the moral high ground

Startling moments of introspection and clarity

The Week of Precarity

The Tall Irish Vegan

Feminist Sci Fi Screen Writer

Loves Whatsapp and Skype until….

Cross Dressing Submissive

Disappeared after a long vacation

Dates #4-5, The Tall Irish Vegan Discovers My Blog

The Red Headed Cupid

Growth Capitalist who had a lot to contribute to the discussion until he got exactly what he wanted.

I wanted to invite him to only children anonymous, he wanted to sue me.

Dates #13, #14, Nightmare:Male Privilege, #14 Rigor Mortis

The Greenwich Punk (is off the record!!)

I was impressed by a 33 year old master of reinvention.

I thought that we were the same kind of people: clawing our way through multiple power structures, fighting  for the the right to live unconventionally.

I took a leap of faith when I revealed the blog to him.   I was hoping that if I allowed myself to be open and vulnerable he might help me survive the UK and invest in a future with me.

He told me he doesn’t do anybody any favours.

Dates #17, #21

He went off the record after our second date, but I mention him in Dates #25,26,27,28, and 32

The End of the Greenwich Punk: Part 1, The Gig

The End of the Greenwich Punk: Part 2, The Family Lunch

The Young Irish Architect

I finally met someone sincere, intelligent, charming, and kind.

But do I like him?

Dates #23,24,26,28,29,30,32

The Media Man

Is my first Berlin date trying to take me on a slow train to nowhere with great dining cars?  Or perhaps he’s picked up on  hints about my project with Loveflutter during our discussions of media theory, and he’s secretly waiting until the fun is all over….

Dates #31, 3342

The Transatlantic Italian

I chose him having learned that an open style of engagement, a generous heart, and a familiarity with trying to live in alien environments was more important to me than any physical or intellectual achievement.   At least I thought I saw the signs of those things. Yet after the key third date he showered me with cowardly excuses. Still, I don’t know where this is going after he comes back from Prague next week.  We’re keeping in touch on Whatsapp…

Dates #40, 44, 45

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