Date #36, Hey girl, I think I other you ;)

The Kim Bar near Rosenthaler Platz has a nice interior, but I was annoyed that they only serve Becks.

The Predate Vlog

The Unconventional Woman exchanges international fantasies on Tinder….Are both people talking nonsense?

The Post First Impressions Vlog

There’s something a bit too youthful about this 36 year old.  His tapered jeans are falling off his bottom and his sensitive eyes gaze sweetly over take out pizza. There must be something to him though, because he seems to know all the right people.

The Post Date Denouement

The Unconventional Woman warns about the ‘Expat Fungus’ at Rosenthaler Platz, and wonders whether her response to the antisocial and anonymous nature of London’s dating scene is a liability in fun and friendly  Berlin.

Date #35, The Eager Beaver


The Pre Date Vlog

The eager beaver is a film maker…so why doesn’t he want to talk about it?

The Post First Impressions Vlog

The Unconventional Woman is hanging out at the Eschloraque and the Central Kino with the filmmaker—He tells her it’s a ‘theme park’ nostalgic of 90’s Berlin, but its also a good place to find films that aren’t dubbed in German.

The Post Date Denouement

This guy thinks Tinder is a vending machine!!

Date #34, The Veggie Metalhead


The Predate Vlog

The Unconventional Woman is about to meet a Veggie Metalhead who was able to develop a good rapport and impress her with his energy on Tinder. However, she is suspicious of his motives for engaging.

The Post First Impressions Vlog

The Veggie Metalhead wants to trade Stockholm for Berlin, and polyamory for monogamy.  Any questions?

The Post Date Denouement

The Unconventional Woman is ‘so sick of people spreading their trauma around,’   She now believes ‘Veggie Metalhead’ is just a nice sounding hashtag.

Date #33, Second Date with the Media Man

I whatsapped the Media Man this ridiculous sticker I found on the U Bahn

The Predate Vlog

The Unconventional Woman has landed in Berlin sunny side up with a second date in the works…but is she just in the the ‘honeymoon’ of her German assimilation experience?

The Middate Vlog

The Unconventional Woman says she is in a gorgeous place with a gorgeous date….One problem, this conversation is boring!

The Post Date Vlog

The Unconventional Woman warms up to the Media Man during a discussion about American films of the 70’s and the women of Film Noir.  She’s hoping for a third date, but it’s late in the week and he’s been awfully quiet.

The End of the Greenwich Punk: Part 2, A Family Lunch

facebook status

After I posted  this status on Facebook the Greenwich Punk called me immediately.  He wanted to know who was the object of my skills.  I told him that I had been dating someone for a few weeks and needed to dump them in a sensitive way because of a lack of chemistry. “You didn’t think I’d wait for you?” I said.

“Well no, I just thought you might be planning to stab me…”

“With a knife?”

“With your wit.”

“Well you know, If 50% of the guys I date are dicks, I always have to date two guys at once,”

After that I remember chatting a bit about orgasms (no reason) and listening to some songs he was writing at the moment. He said that he appreciated the Facebook status as my clever way of getting him to call me (?), but he was planning to call me anyway.  He said he had to go, so I asked him what the function of the call was.  Was he only trying to get the scoop on my dumping, or did he want to meet up before I went to Berlin?

“Yes, let’s go see a show next weekend, there’s a show up by Richard Kern, he’s a photographer.”

“Ok, I’ll look that up,  See you later.”

I did look the show up.  It was at Cabinet, reviewed by a digital assistant at Dazed.  It was shit.

The artist claimed it was an ethnography of drug use in suburban America.   This was compatible with the Greenwich Punk’s enthusiasm for recreational drugs.  Unfortunately the pretense of ethnography  was merely a fake rationale for taking photographs of young white women standing in their underwear.  The was no ‘conceptual’ reason for them to be wearing translucent lingerie.  There were no middle aged men standing in their tighty whities with bottles of Viagra…   or for that matter people of color.

The photographer’s true motives came through in the interview….He kept on referring to the subjects as ‘girls.’  I thought about him using this word in front of the journalist, a young woman trying to get a toe hold in the creative class by writing this article for Dazed.  She would also be considered a ‘girl’ in his rhetoric.  Was her skin crawling when she interviewed him?  Did the patriarchal power dynamics embedded in this situation fly right past her? She might be extremely grateful for the opportunity to interview a “successful” artist.

I thought about some of the Greenwich Punk’s comments about my blog, “that people would be reading it for their own purposes.”  He felt it was problematic for me to make work about my body and how it felt in the system…but it was commendable for this photographer to tell us about the bodies of others through an obviously tainted lens.

But I doubted that the Greenwich Punk told me about the show to piss me off… It was probably just something that he heard about in his immediate environment… it was ‘marketable,’ so in the rhetoric of advertising he immediately assumed it was ‘good.’  It would be an interesting conversation to have if we ever got to the show….maybe there actually was a middle aged man with Viagra.









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Date #32, The Valentine’s Day Break Up


The Predate Vlog

After a 2 week break the Unconventional Woman hopes that absence has made the heart grow fonder…but what if it hasn’t?

The Middate Vlog

The Unconventional Woman reports that “nothing feels right” and she is regretting spending her precious time in London  on a dead end.

The Post Date Denouement

Mission accomplished!  The Unconventional Woman celebrates her very reasonable break up with the Young Irish Architect.

Date #31, My First Date in Berlin


The Predate Vlog

My first date in Berlin: does it just feel like the grass is always greener, or is that the way it really is?

The Post First Impressions Vlog

It seems like they have a lot  in common….the Unconventional Woman’s first Berlin date does research in media studies which is similar to her research on dating.

The Post Date Denouement

Luckily, the Unconventional Woman’s date has taught her to say Neukölln correctly.  She finds him intelligent and attractive, but not very ‘manly’.  Still, polite email is ongoing, and she’s hoping for a second date!

Date #30, Saved by the Group Date

lindy hop

The Pre Date Vlog

The Unconventional Woman’s break up plans are delayed by a friend who invites the couple to accompany her at a gig.

The Middate Vlog

The Unconventional Woman’s resolve is wavering. She’s having a great time on the dance floor, and her friend has complimented her on how sweet and charming The Unconventional Woman’s date is.

The Post Date Denouement

The Unconventional Woman is intrigued by Young Architect’s dancing skills….but she’s also starting to verbalize why she’s been feeling uncomfortable with him..Is honesty really the best policy at this point?

Date #29, One More Chance for the Nice Guy


Age is a virtue, dude.

The Predate Vlog

“I don’t know yet…….but he’s definitely a very clever, sweet, engaging person…who I might benefit from having in my life.”

The Middate Vlog

At beginning of dinner everything feels chill.  Maybe the Unconventional Woman’s apprehensions about pacing were a false alarm?

The Post Date Denouement

The Unconventional Woman decides she needs one more date…to break up with the Young Irish Architect