Dates #4 and #5, The Tall Irish Vegan, beat_ beat_ goes my <3


The Predate Vlog:  Dangerous Digital Romance

The Unconventional Woman is set to meet a tall vegan Irishman. He has been using whats app to message her every day since she asked him his opinion on the Bechdel test, and they’ve even managed a cheeky Skype beer. All the signs seems good, but you could look at things the other way and say all the signs are bad. Is intensive digital communication really a safe way to start a romantic intrigue….or doesn’t it get your comfort level way too high before first meeting? When he makes statements about dancing all night and reading in the long grass is he a true romantic, or a creepy Casanova?

Post First Impressions Vlog:  I feel at ease with you!

Anxiety caused by the pushiness of digital communications is wiped away by a totally calming first date presence. His low key manner might just provoke her to get a bit aggressive! Do you think Scrabble is romantic?

Post Date Denoument:  Has the romance bubble already burst?

Two to three dates in, the rubber always hits the road, There has been discussion of the Tall Irish Vegan going on a lot of business trips in September, and he says they should keep things low key until the end of the month. The Unconventional Woman has heard this story before: Dating someone right before you go on a long trip is more fun because it frees you of responsibility. She would like to believe he is coming back in October, but her doubts are provoked when the levels of his beloved digital communication sink to the bottom of the ocean.

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