Date #21, Second Date with The Greenwich Punk

The first date with The Greenwich Punk was date #17


The Predate Vlog

We haven’t seen each other in a week or two… I was  exhibiting my work and then getting over a cold, Now I’ve run out of excuses and the Greenwich Punk is still in touch.  I  invited him to see a rather salacious exhibition at the Courtauld, but I’m hoping to ask “Why can’t we be friends?”

The Post Second Impressions Vlog

The Unconventional Woman is enjoying some Dim Sum after the exhibition.  She might be enjoying herself so much that she has lost her resolve ..

The Post Date Denouement

It seems like The Unconventional Woman has changed her mind..or at least she wants to hang out a bit more before making a decision…and why has her voice gone all airy?

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