Date #36, Hey girl, I think I other you ;)

The Kim Bar near Rosenthaler Platz has a nice interior, but I was annoyed that they only serve Becks.

The Predate Vlog

The Unconventional Woman exchanges international fantasies on Tinder….Are both people talking nonsense?

The Post First Impressions Vlog

There’s something a bit too youthful about this 36 year old.  His tapered jeans are falling off his bottom and his sensitive eyes gaze sweetly over take out pizza. There must be something to him though, because he seems to know all the right people.

The Post Date Denouement

The Unconventional Woman warns about the ‘Expat Fungus’ at Rosenthaler Platz, and wonders whether her response to the antisocial and anonymous nature of London’s dating scene is a liability in fun and friendly  Berlin.

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