Date #7, The Dancing Chef

d'mall dancing chef

The Predate Vlog

Higher than average personality and ambition but low on the hotness scale, the Unconventional woman speculates whether they have the ingredients for romance… but first let’s see if he can fit a date into his busy schedule.

Post First Impressions

When is a radical outfit not enough?  The date went where you can expect a date to go if you don’t make a tenable plan, meandering dismally in the streets, in high spirits from conversation, the Unconventional Woman reflects on how to send the secret message “Don’t ask me out again!” and have fun at the same time.

The Post Date Denouement

I wasn’t the best version of myself,  I was the ranting, raging version of myself.  Well, some people think this is the best version, (; Anyway I wasn’t “the girlfriend version.”

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