Date #16, So out of sync today

  Things were reading well….





The Pre Date Vlog

Things are off to a rough start as a road block on The Unconventional Woman’s bus route appears to be causing some delays. The Unconventional Woman has high hopes from the photos and elaborate messages, but has she already ruined things?

The Post First Impressions Vlog

The Unconventional Woman is very pleased that her date seem so much in the know about ideas she has been working on, and she goes straight into explaining some of her current projects (not the blog!). Meanwhile he shares knowledge with her about other places in England she hasn’t explored yet.

The Post Date Denouement

If you read a transcript of  the date, you’d say they were getting along swimmingly,  but in other ways they were totally out of sync.   The Unconventional Woman reflects on whether this is is a coincidence or a lack of preparation and timing.

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