Date #15, The Phd Student from Central St. Martins

Still from Wangechi Mutu's Film showing at Victoria Miro Gallery

Still from Wangechi Mutu’s film showing at Victoria Miro Gallery, part of “Sirens and Serpents.”

The Predate Vlog

In recovery mode again, the Unconventional Woman quickly schedules a gallery crawl with someone in an antimessaging state of mind.

The Post First Impressions Vlog

The Unconventional woman is butting heads with her date in the pub over questions of art and politics. How romantic!

The Post Date Denouement

A second date is mentioned in passing, but The Unconventional Woman suspects  there is too much intellectual incompatibility to move on from this point.  At the same time she is impressed by his low key vibe.

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